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Macad Inc is an out of the box enterprise which is offering innovative branding, sales and marketing solutions. The company has an accomplished portfolio of leaders that hail from Zomato, thus it’s almost certain that you’ll have exponential business growth at your disposal. Macad has always been a growth partner for its clients. Aspirational vision, profound strategy and passionate execution, helps us to provide outcome-based results. We are the connoisseurs when it comes to defining a brand as well as its beliefs.

What We Do

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The relationship between a brand’s identity & brand’s value is unparalleled. Macad Inc offers state of the art brand identity services. Our experts will deliver a right blend of rich content as well as design across different channels which will help establish a dedicated brand identity as well as integrity. Creation of right perspectives across the market is what, we do. Let us depict your company’s history, values, capabilities as well as philosophy.

Social Media Handling & Marketing

Social media handling has emerged as a growing trend amidst an array of businesses. If you’re looking forward to maintaining a better brand reputation as well as integrity online, Macad Inc can be your out of the box pick. Manage both, outgoing as well as incoming communications, get access to an optimized working plan, know when and where to post through our team of experts, respectively. A better customer interactivity leads to brand loyalty.

Online Reputation Management

It would be wise to mention that reputation is everything, you certainly don’t want negative mentions about your brand online, right? Well, Macad Inc is providing proven online reputation management services that can help your business cater the global challenges. Leverage the strategies for improving your brand’s web vicinity. Achieve a larger client base, higher return on investment (ROI) as well as optimized business growth. Macad Inc can monitor the existing web material about your brand.

ROI Reports

It is obvious that anybody would want to invest in paid advertising without wasting their money. Macad Inc offers you exclusive Zomato advertisement report. An array of FNB brands often end-up investing a whopping amount of money into paid advertisements. Know about the success of your advertising campaigns. Insights like how much promotion is required and where can it be promoted are also available. Evaluate whether your brand really needs a promotion for the good or not!

Bulk Text Marketing

Are you looking forward to reaching out to your target audience in a matter of seconds? Well, with Macad Inc Bulk text promotions, you can easily schedule and send personalized texts. With us, targetting a particular niche of potential customers is possible. The database is very relevent for any kind of Launch, Event, Promotion, Delivery etc. Bulk texts messaging can offer higher open rates to you.
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Photography & Videography

Our photographers make sure to use the best angles, dialed lighting and detail-oriented focal lengths to produce a stunning image that will help you increase sales.Our innovative approach makes the most of consumers fascination with the latest digital imagery. By playing to this market trend, we gain new customers and provide added value, with high-quality, small file-size images our clients can easily share.

Web designing

Macad inc. is a professional web development company offering custom web application development services which are aimed at offering our clients with web solutions that fit their business process requirements.At MAC, an idea that works forms and integral part of our Web Design solutions. This idea encompasses design, content, multiple browser support, user-friendly and search engine friendly features. And the best part is, whatever your line of business, Mac delivers you with Web Design solutions that are scalable.

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In a competitive & volatile industry, we are making it our priority to stay ahead. Having a robust working experience backed by excellence, my journey started at FMCG. Since, then I’ve been garnering all forms of experiences across industry domains like education, e-Commerce and more. Also, the zenith was working for Zomato as well as the Times Of India group. When we talk about any business, there comes a time when a client requires additional expertise. Well, my goal is to help them by personally involved in the process and further find the right strategy for them. The plethora of algorithmic changes on the internet and search engines, we are constantly keeping ourselves ready to cater the promotional challenges in a concise way.

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